living and dining

While each of The Lodge’s three lounges has a Sky connected flat-screen television, a beautiful fireplace and garden view, they are designed for different purposes. As its name suggests, the entrance lounge is intended to welcome guests. However with tri-folding doors that open on to the main lounge, the two rooms can be joined to create a huge communal area. Lastly, there’s the quiet lounge that’s just that. A place for contemplation and maybe a good book.

There are also other seating areas dotted throughout the house that can be used as and when they’re needed. Although not a room in the traditional sense, the Lodge’s wide staircase is another noteworthy feature. With original oak balustrades and a quirky bar hidden under it, it leads up to a colourful art collection on the first floor and shows off many of the house’s original features.

Finally there’s perhaps the most important room in the whole building, the dining room. A grey stone fireplace and dark wood oak panels line the walls, creating the perfect ambience for its majestic square dining table that seats 24. There’s even a gong in the hallway to summon your guests. What’s more if they fancy working up more of an appetite than usual, the fully equipped gym is the perfect destination.